Happy birthday Dad!

Dear dad, I love you so.

Please don´t ever go.

I need you here, in this life with me.

At least in the same world, you see.

Today is a big day for you.

A celebration of a birth a few years ago.

You have for filled many of your dreams.

But a dream of mine, is daddy please-

Try to settle down soon, and don´t be so restless.

Try to sell some houses, cuz it´s kind of pointless.

To travel the world, every few months.

It´s hard on the soul, as well as the joints.

I´m not trying to be mean, I´m just being realistic.

You have a few years behind you, and i´m trying to be optimistic.

You have a dream, to settle down.

Try to go for that strong plan.

You care to much, for what prize to sell for.

Try to think more, on what you live for.

The money doesn’t matter, if your soul is tired.

Your health is more important, try to admire-

Your body is no longer 20 years old.

So please respect your mind, body and soul.

You are a great honorable man.

So, stay with your wife, and do what you can.

I´m not a kid, who don´t see shades.

I see white, black and grey´s.

I have lived for a while,

And experienced both unforgivable and happy times.

I have started to become a woman now,

And have my opinions, so just hear them out.

It´s important for me to say,

These words to you today.

I am worried, and afraid.

That you will someday.

Work too much and go to ground.

And never stand up, hark or smile.

I love you so, and I need you here.

Not in the ground, but alive somewhere.

So please take care of your mind, body and soul.

I have loved you, since I was a baby old.

So happy birthday daddy, stay strong.

For next year, ill try to do more-

Of an happier poem to write.

Not this serious stuff, late at night.

Please remember that I´m always here.

Whenever you need me, I`ll be there.

To listen to your voice or complain with you.

To say I love you, I´ll always do.

I could keep writing for ever on this poem.

But right now, I have to rest my hands or they will be swollen.

Please stay safe until the end of time.

I love you both in the heart of mine.

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